The innovative power of Augmented Reality

HoloLens provides insight into the anatomy of the complex lung system

When you experience something, you remember it better

“The Virtual Lung Experience gives patients, nurses, and doctors a better understanding of how the lungs work and how a drugs work in the human body. The Virtual Lung Experience leads to a new form of education and collaboration.”

Amanda Wildenburg
Marketing Project Manager

Chiesi wanted to provide a better understanding of the complex lung system. Together with InSpark, Chiesi developed the Virtual Lung Experience: an innovative and interactive way of education in which you experience the lung system in 3D with Microsoft’s HoloLens.

Transferring medical information as efficiently as possible

Chiesi is an international Italian pharmaceutical family business with 30 branches worldwide. It develops drugs for multiple therapeutic areas, including chronic lung disease. Chiesi also offers innovative forms of education. Time of medical professionals is becoming increasingly scarce, so medical information must be communicated as efficiently as possible within the limited time available.

Virtual Lung Experience: the lung system in 3D

Using Augmented Reality (AR), the anatomy of the lungs, location of receptors and the consequences of inhalation techniques can be visually experienced in 3D. The lung system is very complex, and a 3D experience helps enormously to better understand the anatomy of the lungs and therefore breathing. With the Virtual Lung Experience you can, for example, look in detail at the alveoli and the functioning of receptors.

Chiesi uses Microsoft’s HoloLens 2, which projects holograms that the user can move with simple hand gestures. The power of the Virtual Lung Experience is that you can experience the holograms with several people at the same time and explain and discuss models in detail. By combining the wisdom from the books with the reality of an experience, this offers an extra dimension to traditional education. The Virtual Lung Experience gives patients, nurses and doctors a better understanding of how the lungs work and how drugs work in the human body

Partnership with InSpark

Chiesi and InSpark co-developed the Virtual Lung Experience by investigating the possibilities for using hologram to deliver medical information in the right way. This project creates a new form of education and a new way of collaboration.