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Gijs Huisman

From traditional solutions to modern cloud security

Traditional security solutions offer protection by shielding an IT environment from the outside world. This approach is no longer sufficient in a cloud world. The modern datacenter (Azure) and the modern workplace (Microsoft 365) are powered by the cloud, which can be accessed via the Internet as standard. The security of these environments must be implemented by design, protecting identities, devices, applications and data. In a cloud environment it is important to take as a starting point that your environment will be attacked at some point (“assume breach”) and that you are prepared to take action on a 24/7 basis.

Microsoft does a lot to combat security incidents. The biggest misconception in case of cloud environments is, however, that cloud providers will always keep them completely safe. Microsoft therefore calls security in a cloud environment a “shared responsibility”, in which the organization itself has to take care of the correct configuration of all security services, their correct use, and of following up on detected threats.

Continuously protected against cyber threats

In addition, new and more advanced cyber threats are emerging every day and new measures against these threats must therefore also be taken on a daily basis. Attackers use Artificial Intelligence to carry out their attacks and Microsoft is once again working on highly developed Machine Learning models to detect and repel these attacks. Also, legislation and regulations regarding information security are steadily increasing. Hence the need to become and remain compliant is growing as well.

Managed Detection & Response

InSpark’s Cloud Security Center guarantees that your cloud environment is always equipped with the latest Microsoft security features for maximum protection and therefore gives substance to this “shared responsibility”. We also activate our advanced security monitoring and ensure a 24/7 follow-up of possible incidents that are detected by the security services. We provide qualified personnel so you do not have to set up your own SOC department; you can fully rely on our Microsoft Security experts.

What do we protect?

We offer protection for the Modern Workplace (Microsoft 365) and the Modern Hybrid Datacenter (Azure) with the latest Microsoft Security services. The image below shows which services we use. During the onboarding phase we look at which services are already active in your environment and which services still need to be added. Of course we also include the license costs in this advice.

Cloud Security Center Customer Portal

Gijs Huisman

Because the security of your cloud environment is a shared responsibility, it is important that you always have a clear understanding of the status of your security – anytime, anywhere. That is why we have launched the Cloud Security Center portal.

The portal provides you with relevant security information in a single, central place: straightforward, compact insights in a trusted environment.

We notify you of any new outbreaks or breaches (including the impact for your organization), show you the status of threats and vulnerabilities and also give an overview of the Open Source Threat Intelligence on the specific customer environment.

Gijs Huisman

Cloud Security Center customer Vebego speaks out

“We chose InSpark and Cloud Security Center because they are completely at home in the cloud world, provide all the necessary security levels and offer future-proof security. And all that without any fuss; everything runs silently and seamlessly in the background. That is exactly what a company with a fully public cloud strategy needs.”

Rogier Verberne, Group IT Director of Vebego

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