Zero-trust your identity- and access lifecycle management!
Pim Jacobs

Within your environment identities are continuously created, updated and deleted to provide or revoke access to company specific applications, data or other resources. Each account has specific properties and permissions as each person is unique and requires different access. As people move through and eventually leave the organization, tasks such as revoking access, providing new access or disabling accounts are too often omitted or simply forgotten.

With that in mind it’s crucial to gain insights into the identity and access lifecycle processes for your organization and not lose control which brings your organization at risks. Microsoft Entra ID Governance helps your organization to get back into control, accelerate workflows and processes by implementing zero-trust with features like ‘automated in- and outbound provisioning’, ‘lifecycle workflows’, ‘access packages’, ‘access reviews’ and more.

How to implement Entra ID governance

Entra ID Governance exists of multiple components, whereby you can think of in- and outbound provisioning, lifecycle workflows, access packages, access reviews, just-in-time access and more. The most crucial part in this chain is the inbound provisioning, as that will make sure the user details are configured correctly during the entire identity lifecycle. Based on these user details access can be provided dynamically to applications & data or the user is able to request additional access themselves. This way Entra ID Governance makes sure that your users only have access during their identity lifecycle to the resources they need to execute their daily work.

With Inbound provisioning, HR has better control over the identity lifecycle & data in Active Directory & Microsoft Entra ID. When combined with Lifecycle Workflows, on- and offboarding becomes easy and seamless, no more manual work and always an up-to-date identity!”

How does Entra ID Governance work?



We will scan your environment to see if all requirements are in place and ready for an Entra ID Governance implementation.


These functional workshops will demonstrate how each Entra ID Governance subject would best fit your organizational needs and today’s challenges.


Based on the outcome of the assessment & workshop we will determine your next steps for the implementation in the Entra ID Governance design.


Entra ID Governance will be implemented in a step-by-step approach within your organization with success guaranteed.


To adopt this new technology we inform your organization and make sure, where necessary, to educate your end users.

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