InSpark achieves exclusive expert status Microsoft Azure

InSpark is the first Microsoft partner in the Netherlands to have achieved an exclusive Managed Service Provider status for Azure, security, data & AI services


KPN subsidiary InSpark was recently awarded the status of Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP). This makes InSpark the only Microsoft partner in the Netherlands with this exclusive MSP status that delivers the entire Microsoft cloud portfolio. This recognition means that InSpark is now even better equipped to facilitate KPN and InSpark customers in their digital transformation to the cloud.

This award of MSP status provides InSpark, which thanks to support from KPN will grow in the year ahead in terms of capacity and volume, with even greater driving force. For example, InSpark and its customers will henceforth be able to directly access exclusive, additional automation options in the migrating and updating of Azure environments. This will enable customers to safely and reliably develop and utilize innovative applications more quickly and at much lower cost.

Ongoing effective digital transformation

Organizations must be able to change in double-quick time; for that, they need the right technology. Intelligent, innovative and scalable technology gives companies the room to carry out digital transformation continually and swiftly. A fast-growing number of organizations are right now taking steps towards the modern workspace and the (Microsoft) cloud. KPN and InSpark – together the largest and most versatile supplier of Microsoft services in the Netherlands – enable customers to make this ongoing digital transformation as simple, effective and smart as possible. InSpark develops project accelerators and managed services for the Microsoft cloud, so that customers are able to collaborate safely and flexibly with low-threshold data use, and other innovative applications become even more accessible for every organization.

Erik Jan van Vuuren, InSpark CEO:

“This status is not just icing on the cake and proof that we belong to the top echelon of Microsoft Azure partners throughout the world. It also provides a boost to the development of new and improved services. InSpark is now directly involved in Microsoft’s continued development of Azure. This means that we can offer an even better service to our customers in the efficient use of cloud services, and provide them with the best support in dealing with all the continuous changes going forward.”

Microsoft: ‘Very proud of InSpark’

InSpark is the first Microsoft partner with MSP status in the Netherlands to offer managed Azure, managed security, and managed data & AI services. This status establishes that InSpark supplies the right experience, guarantees and managed services to ensure the continuity of business of its customers on the Microsoft Azure environment.

“We are very proud of InSpark”, says Hermien Roebersen, Director Global Partner Solutions Microsoft Nederland. A crucial element of the cloud transition is the effective guidance and support of an experienced service provider. InSpark has proved itself as an experienced partner in guiding customers through the implementation of end-to-end Azure services. This status confirms that InSpark has the expertise to seamlessly deliver the services that our customers are demanding at scale. ”

KPN: “The importance of continuity and innovation”

Marieke Snoep, Chief Business Market and member of the Board of Management of KPN:

“KPN is thrilled that we have achieved this status through the InSpark team. As well as recognizing our services, it means that we will be collaborating even more closely with Microsoft. It is a recognition that InSpark is the place for Azure talent in the Netherlands. And this is of direct importance for the continuity and innovation of the wonderful KPN customers that we serve in the Netherlands.”

About InSpark

InSpark is a KPN subsidiary and the Microsoft specialist of the Netherlands. It is the place within KPN where Microsoft Cloud innovations are flourishing. InSpark is the primary accelerator of digital transformation and employs top Microsoft specialists. These professionals collaborate closely in multidisciplinary teams of experts that advise, migrate, manage and innovate on the basis of Microsoft technology. InSpark tests innovative ideas in practice. This produces the best solutions for business customers facing challenges and achieves the best of both worlds: speed and scalability. KPN is also offering support in the adoption of Microsoft solutions for optimal use by companies.

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