Robbert Kelder succeeds Stefan Daelemans in the role of CTO

InSpark continues to build on its innovative journey

Robbert Kelder succeeds Stefan Daelemans in the role of CTO

As of July 1, Robbert Kelder will be joining the InSpark MT. He will succeed Stefan Daelemans in his role of CTO, who will pass the baton as of this date. Gerbrand Tjaden (CFO) has also decided to take a new direction and will be leaving the organization on July 1st.

Robbert, together with the other MT members Omar Benameur, Birgit Stam and Richard van der Bilt, will continue to build on the innovative journey of InSpark.

Robbert on his new role at InSpark:

“I have enjoyed working with Stefan Daelemans and his colleagues at InSpark for the past few years. Using state-of-the-art Microsoft technology, we have been able to create many great results for customers. With appropriate modesty and a lot of enthusiasm I’m looking forward to working as CTO for InSpark. Not only to continue to build on InSpark’s successes, but also to leverage the incubation of new Microsoft technology for our customers. With great admiration for the results that Stefan has achieved, I look forward to working on a good and smooth handover in the coming weeks.”

Omar is pleased with the new team that will continue to work on the growth of InSpark. With passion, fun and hard work he and the team will ensure that InSpark remains the number one Microsoft partner and continues to lead the way when it comes to developing new services for customers. In addition, the team is committed to further intensify the collaboration with KPN in order to deliver better integrated services.

Stefan Daelemans says the following about his departure:

“How incredibly proud I am. Proud of all the successes we have achieved. Proud of the fantastic teams of the most talented and passionate professionals I know. InSpark has become one of the premium & top Microsoft partners, with fantastic services and customers. It feels like a privilege to have been in charge of that. I look back on an inspiring and educating period, in which cloud, growth, acceleration and scalability were key. But now it is time for the next phase and for me, this journey stops here. Before taking my next career step, I am going to enjoy a sabbatical. A special word of thanks to all our customers and colleagues, and of course a big “thank you” to everyone at Microsoft. I wish Robbert all the best and no doubt we will meet again!”

Gerbrand Tjaden on his leaving InSpark:  

“I, too, am enormously proud of all the successes we have achieved with an organization that in such a short time has grown into one of the best Microsoft partners. In recent years, together with the entire management team, I have had the opportunity to give direction and leadership to an organization that focuses on transparency, sharpness, respect, appreciation and content. I look back with great satisfaction on a period in which I was able to successfully pass on to all my colleagues the constant drive to do things a little better every day. I would like to thank all InSpark employees for the trust placed in me during this wonderful journey.”

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