Security Assessment

Robbert Kelder

Get an overview of how secure your organization is in 2.5 days

Hacking attempts, DDoS attacks, viruses, spam and malware: organizations have to deal with external threats every day. But we also make mistakes within the organization, causing data breaches. In addition, the GDPR (in effect since May 2018) and the constantly changing compliance and privacy legislation keep our minds busy. We need to protect our data, now more than ever, from internal and external threats.

Are you asking yourself questions like: Just how secure is my work environment really? What measures can I take to prevent data breaches? Am I handling privacy sensitive information properly? Do I still comply with all rules and regulations? Our Security Assessment gives you answers to these questions. In less than 3 days you will get an overview of the risks within your organization and which countermeasures you can take with technological solutions.

Security Assessment: what it entails:

If you decide to have a Security Assessment done, a certified InSpark consultant will map out the status of security within your organization and tell you which actions are necessary to guarantee adequate security in the future as well. Our consultant will dive into the security of your infrastructure, apps, data and identity. In addition he will talk to key businessstakeholders to identify areas for improvement in the handling of data and security. We identify the risks and indicate how you can use Microsoft technology to bring security up to standard.

The Security Assessment includes screening the security of your entire working environment, both internal and external.

How secure is your IT environment?

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