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Safety and compliance first

How do I prevent a data breach? How do I protect my organization from outside attacks? Do I deal with personal data correctly? How do I keep control over my data? Do I comply with legislation and regulations? These are questions that we encounter every day at our customers. Not so strange when attacks like Petya and Wannacry dominate the headlines. With the arrival of the GDPR in May 2018, the rules concerning (personal) data became stricter. With the right deployment and use of the Microsoft Cloud services you can tackle many of these challenges.

We see information security as a constant factor. Innovations are bringing changes to our environments almost on a daily basis, so we need to prepare for change. Secure-by-design is therefore not only the technology we use, but also the approach and the service around the security services.

Gijs Huisman
Gijs Huisman | Klantsucces Manager
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