Security Workshop

Find out how secure your organization really is!
Robbert Kelder

Are you aware of the number of cyberattacks your organization has had to fend off so far? Are you sure all your employees are following the correct password protocol? And is there a chance that sensitive personal data in your databases might be up for grabs?

Optimize your security strategy

Organizations must process ever-increasing amounts of data and alerts while dealing with tight budgets and vulnerable legacy systems. In such an environment, minimizing security risks is a huge challenge. Given the sheer volume and complexity of identities, data, applications, devices and infrastructure, organizations must not only know their security status quo, but also be prepared to mitigate and counteract existing and emerging threats in the future.
With the InSpark Security Workshop you will learn how to recognize and deal with threats to your organization. Our experts will help you develop a strategic plan and give advice that is specifically tailored to the needs of your organization. You will not only gain more insight into all immediate threats, but also a lot of valuable information and support on how you can strengthen your security position in the long term.

InSpark’s Security workshop helps you to:

  • Identify and analyze the existing risks and potential threats to your cloud environment
  • Identify useful next steps based on your specific security needs and goals
  • Document and align your security strategy with key stakeholders
  • Get a better understanding of how to accelerate your security journey using the latest tools

The Threat Check

During our workshop, we jointly strengthen your organization’s cyber security approach. In just one day you will get more insight in setting the right priorities and efficiently fend off potential and real attacks.

Two to three weeks before the workshop, you will start the implementation of the Threat Check solution in your current cloud infrastructure. Of course, our experts will help you with that. During the workshop itself, we discuss the results of the Threat Check, including an extensive analysis of all cyber attacks and threats that we found in your organization.
Close scrutiny is given to malware (including cloud-based and advanced zero-day malware), phishing emails, compromised user accounts, malicious OAuth apps, and suspicious user activity.

In addition to the Threat Check report, we also give you:

  • A list of actionable recommendations to immediately counter the identified threats
  • A detailed review of your IT and security priorities/initiatives, directly from our cyber security experts
  • An inside look at Microsoft’s holistic approach to security and how it can be applied in your organization
  • Hands-on practical experience with integrated security, including the latest tools and methods
  • Long-term recommendations from InSpark experts for your security strategy, with key initiatives and tactical next steps


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