Amsterdam, July 01, 2020 – InSpark is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Information Intelligence pioneers Cognni, a member of the Microsoft Intelligence Security Association. This partnership enables InSpark to offer its customers highly advanced, cognitive intelligence tools. Much needed in a world in which cloud-based, remote working has become the standard.

Stefan DaelemansInSpark CTO, says: “Cognni amazed us because they’re able to offer a fast way to trace information flows within organization & teams and show risky exposures. The fast detection of these exposures reduces risk and our customers absolutely love the intelligent & automated approach to these challenges and the integration with the Microsoft Modern Workplace. With this partnership, we can jointly solve complex issues around information security, simplify compliance issues and get more value out of the Microsoft 365 E5 Security & Compliance suite.

Cognni provides easy information intelligence focusing on potential risks from cloud collaboration, detecting exposures companies wouldn’t ever be able to uncover on their own. With an implementation in minutes, Cognni’s tools get straight to work, autonomously learning how workforces share and store business information. No extra organization players need get involved for the full picture of potential risks, because the software runs in the background. 


Guy EisdorferCognni Co-founder & CEO, is excited: “Companies are increasingly relying on cloud collaboration, however remote working doesn’t mean you need to compromise security. Cognni’s intelligence solution seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 and speeds up the work of every InfoSec team. We look forward to working with the #1 Microsoft Global Compliance & Security partner of the year and together InSpark and Cognni can provide customers with the perfect bundle of tools that will keep information flows secure”. 


Bram Zegwaart

Security Consultant

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