Personal Data

  • InSpark places great importance on the protection of the privacy of its customers, hereinafter referred to as users. The information that InSpark collects or processes about its users of the Team Explore app is therefore treated with utmost care and security. In addition, InSpark will never provide data to third parties without permission, unless it is obliged to do so by law or a court ruling.
  • InSpark does not retain any collected (personal) data of its users longer than strictly necessary and only for the purposes for which InSpark has collected the (personal) data.
  • Users have the right at all times to view, modify or delete the (personal) data collected from them. For this, they can contact InSpark.
  • Users can file a complaint regarding data processing with the privacy supervisor.
  • InSpark will always act in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Processed Data

  • Users who register as a customer for InSpark’s Team Explore app are asked to provide some (personal) data. This data is stored in InSpark’s customer database. In this context, InSpark collects and processes the following categories of personal data:
    • First and last name.
    • Email address and phone number.
    • Company details.
    • Other personal data that a user can fill in after registering for InSpark’s services.

Customer Data

  • Data remains the sole and exclusive property of the providing Party. Parties only use the Data if necessary for the execution of the Agreement.
  • InSpark may not seek into Data which Client saves, spreads or otherwise processes in use of the Performance, unless this is required for a proper execution of the Agreement or the Performance, or unless InSpark is legally bound to do so. In this event, InSpark uses reasonable efforts to limit the processing.
  • InSpark returns the Data within a reasonable period of time after termination of the Agreement in a data format and manner determined by Client. After receipt of the Data by Client, InSpark destroys the Data immediately.