InSpark joins Microsoft's Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP)

Great news! InSpark is officially admitted to Microsoft’s exclusive Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP). The MRPP is a Microsoft-sponsored, community-driven program for partners that design, build, deploy and operate Azure-based Mixed Reality solutions. 

The fact that we are now part of this partner program confirms the extent of our innovative activities in the field of Mixed Reality. This official recognition has major added value: InSpark’s visibility as a Mixed Reality expert in the market has rapidly grown. The MRPP also offers access to exclusive Microsoft programs, which in turn creates entirely new opportunities for our customers in the field of Mixed Reality. 

Accreditation for innovative strength 

At the InSpark Lab and in our Holosuite (both located at the Microsoft office at Schiphol Airport) experiments are being conducted with various so-called “disruptive technologies, such as MR/AR, Bots, AI and Blockchain. This allows customers to experience directly how they can best implement cutting-edge technologies such as the Microsoft HoloLens to add value to their business. It is the place where innovative power is developed and Mixed Reality comes to life. 

With our Mixed Reality Partnership, this innovative strength is substantially enhanced. This year InSpark has carried out a number of very successful Mixed Reality projects. For example, we implemented the HoloLens 2, including a Dynamics 365 Remote Assist roll-out and an an app focused showing machine data by making use of Azure IoT , at BE Semiconductor Industries (BESI). The combination of Mixed Reality and process optimization not only increased BESI’s flexibility and productivity, but also significantly reduced costs and footprint in the field of maintenance. 

“This partnership is a fantastic acknowledgement of InSpark’s innovative strength and Mixed Reality expertise. It gives us access to additional resources, knowledge and features that allow us to continuously develop and improve ourselves and our Mixed Reality solutions.” 

Dick Lorier – Lead 
Digital Innovation


Increase business impact with Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality makes the difference in today’s business environment. By joining the MRPP, we can further accelerate the development of customized, innovative MR applications. This way we can assist our customers even better in realizing their digital transformation and increasing their business impact. 

“We have achieved this great result with the help of our team of experts and partners, but above all through the intensive cooperation and co-development with our customers. They will benefit from this to the fullest!”  – Dick Lorier

About InSpark: 

We are InSpark! We innovate and transform organizations with the latest Microsoft technology. InSpark truly accelerates your digital transformation journey with technologies like MR, AI, IoT, Machine Learning and Digital Assistants. We are a leading Microsoft MR partner in the Netherlands, focusing on creating state-of-the-art Mixed Reality business applications and well-scaled Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality solutions. InSpark is proud partner of Microsoft’s Holosuite Customer Experience Center.