Easier, but above all more secure working without any passwords
Ronny de Jong

Passwords. Today’s digital world is full of them. We use them on a daily basis in all possible places, for instance when logging on to the workplace or accessing (web-based) applications. Passwords may seem a good solution to secure access to valuable or sensitive information, but research shows that more than 80% (!) of data leaks and/or hacks are caused by the use of bad passwords and phishing.

Working with multiple passwords and accounts is also often experienced as a nuisance; the need for (strongly) simplified login procedures is growing steadily. Passwordless authentication helps users and organizations speed up their workflow and processes. Passwordless working combines ease of use with the latest and highest security standards to provide the most intuitive and secure user experience. We therefore offer a full-service solution: Passwordless-as-a-Service.


How does it work?

Password-free access management consists of a number of building blocks that allow convenient and above all secure login to the workplace and to desired applications. Often even without the user noticing. This keeps the necessary use of passwords to an absolute minimum.

Passwordless-as-a-Service comprises a security system that consists of several solutions, such as Passwordless Phone Sign-in (Microsoft Authenticator), Windows Hello for Business (for Windows 10 platform), and Windows Hello Security Keys (FIDO2), each of which can be implemented separately or additionally (complementary).


Do you also want to work passwordless?

Passwordless working may sound quite scary to many companies and it is generally not seen as a safer option. Nothing could be further from the truth, because with the help of e.g. the Authenticator app, Windows Hello and the use of Security Keys, your employees can log in (more) easily and securely. This gives them convenient access to applications and devices, while your business is significantly less at risk.

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